It's time to MOBILIZE your business with a custom app...

Every business needs a website. It's their shop window. There's no doubt it's very important, you're looking at our website right now of course. There will always be a place for websites. They are a snapshot, maybe an animated message. Customers can visit a website and interact with a business, but they are always at arms length and it requires constant effort to retain the interest of existing customers and attract new ones. However more and more of your customers are already using mobile devices to stay online. They want to be able to access information instantly wherever they are, their phone never leaves their hand, which opens up a huge opportunity to connect with this massive, mobile audience using apps in a much more meaningful way.

Apps can harness the huge power of today's mobile devices and give you direct access to your customers 24 hours a day. You can not only communicate with them but also learn from their interactions with you. You can choose when, where and how to interact with them based on who they are, what they are interested in, what time it is, where they are and much more... A website is a perfectly good 2D representation of your business but a mobile app is a completely different proposition. The difference between having a picture of someone or them in the room with you. It's time to revolutionize the way you connect with your audience and add a completely new dimension to your business.

There are countless reasons to get your own custom Connected Mobile App but before you consider them you should know it's...

Very economical

Apps can be expensive to develop and fraught with technical issues. However Connected App require little or no startup costs and no concerns about developing new features or simply updating to maintain compatibility in the future either. We take care of everything.

Fast to start

Start reaping the benefits of having your own, hugely powerful app today to grow your business! No need to be sidelined by developing your own app, you can concentrate on the important stuff and use a Connected App today to reap the benefits immediately.

Easy to use & maintain

Connected Apps give you a simple online backend to create news, events, offers and much more and use our powerful logic to deliver exactly the results you require. You can schedule updates for months in advance if required. Test them on yourself and then relax.

Amazingly Powerful

Our modular system gives you an incredible range of powerful features to deploy instantly. However we can build additional, custom modules to integrate into your app if you have requirement to ensure a perfect fit.

We'll even create your own app to try for yourself too, without any obligation

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DropSwitch is a Future Commerce Service Supplier & Custom Apps for Business Developer established in 2011. Originally conceived to create technologies for our existing businesses, we now offer these tools to you. We are driven by a desire to create innovative solutions and offer an extremely agile, scalable and flexible service to empower businesses.
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