Winona Workflow iPad App Released

Coming soon...

VIP Service Launched

It’s here! Check it out! After a year in the planning and several months of intensive coding our VIP app is finally available in iPhone and Android phone versions. Please feel free to download it now and have a look around. Of course you won’t find any information in the app yet unless you’re already a registered VIP with one of our early adopters.


VIP is going to be the first ever Connected App!

Whilst developing our Connected App Design we needed to try and come up with a charter business that would be able to utilize all the amazing features offered by Connected. We had a few ideas but in the end we thought what would be better than to create a ‘host app’ that any business could utilize. An app that highlights one of Connected’s most powerful features.

Hence we decided to make a dedicated ‘VIP App’ that could be used by any business wanting to instantly access all our exciting features without having to create their own app. They could literally start within minutes. This was particularly good because most businesses have ‘VIPs’ they want to connect with and we could offer our service to users very, very affordably. It also is an ideal introduction to the Connected service which can be later upgraded and integrated seamlessly into a dedicated app as well. There are other advantages too, but check out the dedicated website for full details!

Connected Website Launched

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our redesigned website. It took a lot longer than it should but I’m delighted to announce our Connected Website is now ready to go and, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably already found it!